ROMAC Corporate Personnel Get Booster Shots; 1,200 Employees Vaccinated

ROMAC Personnel Gets First-responder Training
March 20, 2022

ROMAC Corporate Personnel Get Booster Shots; 1,200 Employees Vaccinated

The ROMAC Services & Trading Co., Inc. (ROMAC) has continuously provided healthcare support to its employees in compliance with the national government’s health advisory to business employers.

Seventy-one ROMAC corporate personnel recently received their first dose of booster shots following their full vaccination of AstraZaneca in the last quarter of 2021.

There were also 100 ROMAC employees in Laguna who received free vaccination last February. This is on top of the 1,100 employees vaccinated last year.

The vaccination drive was held on August 13-15, 2021 for the first dose of AstraZeneca and October 7-28, 2021 for the second dose. The vaccination was held at Carmelray Industrial Park 1, Barangay Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna.

Renato G. Romero, ROMAC President, said the protection of ROMAC employees against COVID-19 and its other variants is a priority for the company. “In line with the national government’s program of Resbakuna through the DOH, ROMAC joins the campaign and has established a strong partnership with our clients. We are fortunate that our clients are recognizing the importance and urgency of vaccinating our employees assigned to their business sites,” Romero said.

“We are also appealing to all our employees to always observe health protocols - at the workplace and everywhere else. Likewise, we are encouraging them to take booster shots through their LGUs. Take advantage of the free shots given by the government. We all need to protect ourselves so we will achieve herd immunity,” Romero added.